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Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate and consumer risk.


Now in its 35th year of publication, Credit Control Journal  is truly interdisciplinary and international in its approach.


Each issue of the Journal provides subscribers with practical illustrations as well as theoretical analysis and empirical studies on the development of credit risk, asset management, legal issues, accountancy and finance, and IT solutions, all of which which they can quote with confidence to their Board of Directors.


The Journal is published monthly by academic publishers, House of Words Ltd.




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Selected Articles and White Papers

  What’s Holding Back The Paperless Office?

World Paper Free Day 2014 is set to take place on 6 November 2014, with a call to businesses and consumers all over the world to banish paper for the entire day.


Examining the Costs of Diversified Growth Funds

Diversified growth funds are now a fundamental part of the investment landscape, due to their attractive aims of strong returns and lower volatility. Cost is often overlooked, but is a crucial factor in the fund selection process.


Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance

Many companies continue to struggle to make ends meet while trading in a volatile global environment. Given the continued crisis in confidence, Trade Credit & Political Risk Insurance can play a very positive part in securing a safe haven in which to operate.


The Expanding Role of Treasury in Supply Chain Management

There is renewed interest in the financial elements of supply chain management of late. In this article the author examines working capital strategies for supply chain management success.


Data Security: Encrypting the World

Data theft, data leakage, malware, security breach, hacked, lost device … all things an executive never wants to hear in association with their organization.


Managed File Transfer: The “What”, “Why” and “How”

What is Managed File Transfer, and why are so many IT departments investing in how file transfers can be “managed”?




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