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Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate and consumer risk.


Now in its 37th year of publication, Credit Control Journal  is truly interdisciplinary and international in its approach.


Each issue of the Journal provides subscribers with practical illustrations as well as theoretical analysis and empirical studies on the development of credit risk, asset management, legal issues, accountancy and finance, and IT solutions, all of which which they can quote with confidence to their Board of Directors.


The Journal is published monthly by academic publishers, House of Words Ltd.




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Selected Articles and White Papers


From Brand Values to Increased Profit

Embracing value maximization is the ultimate financial objective for a company, yet traditional financial performance measures, such as earnings or earnings growth, are not always good proxies for value creation.


Is it Time to Decouple Supply Chain Finance?
The theory behind Supply Chain Finance is highly appealing. It gives large buying organizations a viable method of extending payment terms, thus building working capital while suppliers still get paid in a timely manner by third party financing provided by banks.


Why European card fraud has hit a new high.

We have seen big changes in the fraud landscape between 2006 and 2013, both in terms of volume and type of attack. European card fraud losses reached a high in 2013, sparking concerns of a new fraud cycle.


Of mice and men

There’s a sign on the wall of the Reprographics Office at an American Air Force base that reads, “Poor planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emergency on ours.” You can almost feel the exasperation of the person who wrote it.


Making CRD-IV compliance an ‘automated’ process

As anyone in the European financial services sector will know, the European Banking Agency is pressing for a uniform reporting structure to help it better track banks’ underlying financial strength.


Mobile Technology Can Transform Healthcare
Mobile technology has hit what is sometimes referred to as the ‘mobile moment’, to highlight how mobile technology is redefining the customer relationship.


Train Up Your Own Navigators to Explore the Big Data Ocean
The term ‘Big Data’ has gained a lot of currency in recent years and is expected to become a key driver of competition, growth and innovation in the future.

The Long Overdue Move from Text to Visual
New ways of helping companies communicate with their own customers by using the power of visual prompts or tools delivered direct to their mobiles have been launched.

Mobility and Big Data - An Interesting Fusion
Retailers are increasingly analyzing the Big Data gleaned from customers using their smartphones and tablets. Their goal is to devise more sophisticated omnichannel strategies and re-invent the customer ‘journey’.

Innovation Paves the Way for Building Society Expansion
New and emerging technology is the way forward to understanding and better serving the customer.

Engaging Customer Curiosity is Road to Success
The feature packed smartphone really is the first pervasive computer.


Social care dependent on the advancement of mobile working

Social care is a vital component of any country. But in the UK recently, public sector cuts have hit social care hard.


Why doing nothing about BYOD just Isn’t good enough

What are we going to do about BYOD? You may think this is a redundant

question – as for a lot of organizations, the reality is that BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, has already ‘won.’


The future of customer apps and big data

Harnessing the power of big data is all the rage, and with good reason.


Premier League’s goal is increased productivity

In today’s competitive environment, no company can afford to be complacent about not squeezing as much productivity as possible from every business function that it carries out.


Actuate introduces BIRT iHub 3.1 and BIRT Analytics 5.0

In a highly competitive market, the need to be able to easily integrate and analyze Big Data for better decision-making across the organization to change behaviour is putting greater emphasis on the importance of Embedded Business Intelligence to improve decision making at all levels within the organization.


Collectors facing challenges, but technology leads the way

Customer contact technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the

collections’ industry and at a recent collections agency roundtable in London, the focus was on communications and how the industry can capitalize on what technology has to offer.


The ‘now’ generation and changing customer service expectations

‘The customer is always right’ went the old saying. Perhaps that should be updated to ‘the customer knows they are always right’ as consumer expectations have changed.


Paper wars: boosting productivity by reducing waste

Paper-free processes improve productivity and lower costs, but the biggest impact is on speed of response.


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