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Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is one of the world's leading research journals dedicated to the advancement of asset risk management, credit analysis and corporate and consumer risk.


Now in its 35th year of publication, Credit Control Journal and Asset & Risk Review is truly interdisciplinary and international in its approach.


Each issue of the Journal provides subscribers with practical illustrations as well as theoretical analysis and empirical studies on the development of credit risk, asset management, legal issues, accountancy and finance, and IT solutions, all of which which they can quote with confidence to their Board of Directors.


The Journal is published monthly by academic publishers, House of Words Ltd.




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Selected Papers from IT for CEOs and CFOs


  Data Security: Encrypting the World

Data theft, data leakage, malware, security breach, hacked, lost device … all things an executive never wants to hear in association with their organization.


The Pitfalls of DIY Business File Transfers
IT managers are under constant pressure to gain control of the way information flows into and out of their organization – from systematic file transfers to data movement and casual file transfers.


Managing the Arrival of Big Data

Big Data – an explosion in data generated from multiple sources – is expected to affect most organizations if it has not done so already.


Educational Institutions and Secure BYOD Environments

Universities were the first enterprises to take on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security challenges.By their very nature, education networks are more open and susceptible to malware, unauthorized access, data leakage, breaches and availability risks.


Managed File Transfer: The “What”, “Why” and “How”
What is Managed File Transfer, and why are so many IT departments investing in how file transfers can be “managed”?


Featured Articles & White Papers


Treat Technology Solutions with Respect and be Repaid Ten Fold.
It is already clear that the Insolvency Act in Ireland 2012 is going to have far reaching implications for decades to come for banks, insolvency practitioners and public alike.

Universal Credit – Exception to the Rule?
At the recent National Housing Federation Conference on welfare reform in London, what emerged was the growing need for technology in processing and monitoring Universal Credit.

Using the Right Tools Can Secure the Future
We all accept the technological age is here to stay. Few of us can now imagine a life before email and smartphones that has given us access not only to this but to social media on the move.


O Brave New World - A Beginners Guide to FCA Regulation

In April, the Financial Conduct Authority (took over the regulation of consumer credit from the Office of Fair Trading, leading to to a fair amount of confusion about who will be affected by the new rules.


How to Get More from Business Intelligence Data

As the need to differentiate your business becomes even more critical, so too is your organization’s ability to leverage and fully understand the information asset.


Transforming the HR Department with Electronic Document Management

It is an accepted fact of business that an organization’s employees are their most prized assets, and is what typically differentiates one company from another. This applies particularly in the service and retail sectors, where variances in customer experience are keenly felt.


Ten important ingredients for a successful change implementation

 What makes some succeed better with implementation of key messages in large organizations than others?


Software asset management: accidental software piracy
 Well over half of the world’s computer users admit they have pirate software running on their systems.


The difference between BI and CPM
 The term BI originated around 1997. Software industry pundits like to think that every software category with a new acronym is leading edge, but about ten years earlier, vendors had created products with similar functionality and called them Executive Information Systems.


Crossing the sustainability chasm: strategies and tactics to achieve sustainability goals

The sustainability chasm refers to the gap we found between two distinct groups of organizations seeking to achieve their sustainability goals.


Making change happen: How an organization can regenerate Itself for success

For most organizations, “change is the new reality”. It is no longer appropriate to separate the management of change from the management of business.






Intellectual Property Bill tabled

Businesses who want to protect their products and technologies through patents and design rights will be better off as a result of a new Intellectual Property Bill.


ProcessFlows signs agreement with US print solution developer

The consumerisation of IT means it is now commonplace for people to use their personal mobile devices for work activities.


Oxfam Ireland selected m-hance charity management system

Oxfam Ireland has selected a charity management system from m-hance to optimise its fundraising operations and increase productivity.


Leasing and rental to retain status despite new proposals

Leasing and rental will retain their status as essential forms of vehicle finance despite the introduction of new lease accounting proposals announced by the International Accounting Standards Board.


Europe sets the stage for a positive economic outlook

Sir Mervyn King has upgraded its economic growth forecast and said that inflation should fall faster than previously predicted.


New risk-assessment tool launched

One of the world’s leading business information publishers has created a new tool to help assess risk associated with potential customers.


Companies being encouraged to apply for Customer Service Standard

Private sector companies are being encouraged to apply for the Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE), set-up to help improve customer service within the public sector.


Advanced to offer  solutions on  government cloud

Advanced Business Solutions, has been awarded a place on G-Cloud iii, the Government’s latest cloud procurement framework.


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